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It's a beautiful time to ride at Stonecrest!


Riding lessons, boarding, training, lay-ups and individual attention to the horse and rider combine to make Stonecrest a special farm. 


​Welcome to Stonecrest Farm!

 Ride all year long at Stonecrest -  we have an indoor ring for when weather conditions are less than ideal for riding outside.


Stonecrest Farm is a warm, personal equestrian center providing excellent horse and rider care.


Our on-site trainers are experienced to work with all levels of horse and rider.  Riders enjoy the use of an indoor ring and outdoor rings as well as grass fields.  If you want to venture off of our 19+ acre property, we are surrounded by over 300 acres of riding fields and trails.


Your horse will get the best of care by our farrier and will be treated to ample turnout in a large paddock.  Lay-ups are welcome and will receive the special care they need.



Please email or call us at 203-598-2280 to make an appointment to speak with us and/or visit our facilities to see how truly special Stonecrest Farm is!




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Phone:  203-598-2280
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